She’s Geeky: A Technology Conference for Women

Will you be in the New York City area this weekend? Make a point of getting yourself to She’s Geeky.

The cocktail party begins tonight at 5:30 p.m. and the unconference runs through Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

Here’s the blurb I received from Renee Lloyd. It looks like this will be a great opportunity to connect with other geeky women and share some ideas, do some networking, and have some fun!

“She’s Geeky is a neutral, face-to-face forum for women who like to geek out about all kinds of things: computers, science, math, design, robotics, web 2.0 etc.

The purpose is to bring women from a diversity of technical sectors together to:
1. Exchange skills and learn from women in different fields of technology
2. Discuss issues that affect women in the technology industry
3. Connect with other women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky field
4. Build cross generational relationships.

Two up-coming events:

EAST COAST: New York City – December 5-7 (with the 6th being the main day)

WEST COAST: Mountain View – January 29-31

Unconferences are a great way to exchange and learn from one another and this is how they work.

At the beginning of the day, we create the agenda. Everyone meets in one room and posts topics they would like to present, see or discuss. This creates a rich assortment of agenda items and makes for an exciting day of learning.

From there, we go to separate areas or rooms assigned to each topic. The session can be a presentation, inquiry about a question or discussion about an issue or technical field. or. One participant volunteers to record the proceedings.

The notes from each session are collected in the newsroom, then a book is compiled with all the notes from the conference and distributed to everyone who attended.

When you come to She’s Geeky, you benefit from the opportunity to:
1. Build relationships and even partnerships across disciplines.
2. Learn something new from other geeky women.
3. Find answers to the questions that matter to you.
4. Consider business issues related to the technology industry.
5. Be exposed to new ideas for making and keeping technology relevant.”