Putting Social Networking to Good Use

While I’m on the topic of social networking, I’d like to point out something I just found out about from some colleagues in Second Life. NetSquared is “Remixing the web for social change.” NetSquared is a project of TechSoup, which is giving out the NetSquared Innovation Award for websites that are using social networking to increase the visibility of social benefit organizations.

From their website:

“The NetSquared Conference (N2Y2) will center on 20 social change projects, and aim to bring together funders, developers, NTAPs, and other people and organizations that can bring these projects to the next level. We are creating a Technology Innovation Fund to provide direct cash support to projects selected by the NetSquared Community. Vote for your favorites this week only!”

You need to register to vote, but it only takes a second and they really just need to know your name and email address (presumably to ensure that results are not skewed by overvoting.)

The list of organizations involved is impressive. Categories include: arts & culture, community improvement, human rights, education, environment, health, housing & shelter, safety & disaster, public & social benefit, youth, and other.

I scrolled through the list and discovered that there is a lot going on that I know nothing about. I have not voted yet, but will be taking a look at many of the websites on the list. I’m interested in seeing how these organizations are using the social networking tools, and will be sure to mention those uses here — after I’ve had a chance to browse through the list. Stay tuned…

: )