Amazon Puts Your Library at the Top of the List

A couple of months ago, I read an article about LibraryExtension. This extension is for your Chrome browser and it allows Amazon users to opt for borrowing from their local library rather than buying an item. Here’s a screenshot:

amazonSetting this up is extremely simple. Just open up your Chrome browser (download Chrome if you don’t already have it), and go to LibraryExtension. Click on Install Library Extension from Chrome Web Store (don’t worry – it’s free.) Click on the pile of books in your tools bar to manage the extension. Select your state, select your library. Close browser, reopen, and go to Amazon.

Now when you search for a book or DVD, the extension will search the database of your library system and let you know if your library owns the item. Click on “Reserve your copy” and you are directed to your library catalog. Boom! Done! It couldn’t be easier.

And with Amazon’s humongous user base, this is an amazing add-on to promote your library’s collection and increase circulation of your materials. I love the fact that the option to reserve a library copy appears ABOVE the Buy Now option. I suspect people who are looking for a book to buy will see this and say, “Hmm…. I can get this at the library instead. For free.”

If your library is not listed, don’t worry. Mine wasn’t either. I contacted Library Extension and asked how to get my local library listed. I got an immediate reply saying they would add us to their next release. This morning I received an email from Andrew at Library Extension saying that Monroe County Library System is included in the new release. I went to Amazon, clicked on the extension, and added my library. It took only a few seconds, and I was browsing for library books on Amazon.

Awesome. : )