Visual Medical Dictionary

Guus van den Brekel, a medical librarian in the Netherlands, recently posted this resource to his Facebook page. It’s a visual medical dictionary that works like AquaBrowser:

Besides providing a visual connection between resources, it also does a great job of helping me find something if I spell it wrong. Example: Is it acetaminophen or acetominophen? Doesn’t matter. Either way, the correct spelling comes up, along with the appropriate links. Nice.

Another nice feature: when you type in a term (disease, drug, body part, etc.) the results are color-coded, depending on whether the link is a drug, a related disease, a therapy, or a bio-agent.

A very bookmark-worthy site.

“It’s A YouTube for Nerds”

That was the response I got from an inventor friend when I sent him this link:

and he’s right: it is just like youtube, only the videos are for scientists or those with extremely nerdy tendencies. This sort of information sharing needs to be on the radar screen of librarians.

The Journal of Visualized Experiments is a site where scientists can upload videos of their experiments. It’s a great resource and definitely worth a look, even if science isn’t your thing, because we’re going to see more and more of this in the near future.