It’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Holidays came and went; I got the kids back to college; I took a week of vacation. Whew! Time flies by.

The website redesign is coming along nicely. I’ve worked out many of the underlying questions I was wrestling with: What is the purpose of the website? Who is my audience and what are their needs? How can I set up a site to minimalize the day-to-day attention it will need from me? How can I make it functional and how can I make it look good, while still answering the prior questions?

These are the topics I’ll address over the next days and weeks as the site comes together and is usability tested and tweaked.

Plenty of other things have come up, too. I’ve been working in Second Life — helping out the library staff there and attending events put on by the Science group. I’ve got some upcoming presentations I’ve been putting together for Rochester Regional Library Council. And I’ve been invited to join the Monroe County Library System’s web team.

My job is very busy these days, and very exciting. Hopefully, my blog posts will not be so infrequent. There’s a lot to talk about and write about. Now I just need to find some time! : )