Blogroll additions

I’ve added a few blogs to my blogroll today.

I will be attending the Technology Leadership Institute presented by the Monroe County Library System in a few weeks. They’ve put up a blog of their own:

with links to the blogs of the presenters:
I’ve added those blogs to my site for those of you who may be interested to see what the “Library technology experts/trend watchers/prognosticators” are talking about.

There’s quite a bit of interesting reading material contained in the MCLS blog. Definitely worth taking a look!

Also, I’ve added Hidden Peanuts to my blogroll. It’s written by Chad Haefele, a former co-worker who is now at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He’s been working on some interesting things at his library. (Be sure to look at his browser tools for a great example of how to meet the needs of your patrons.)

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