Being the “techie” person in a library has it’s own unique challenges. Some of us are support staff and some of us are librarians, and all of us have an interest in technology that may or may not be shared with our co-workers. In fact, many of us are in an environment where we are quite isolated. Nobody “gets” us. Sure, they’ll come and get us when they need something, but they don’t understand what we do.

Fortunately for me, my direct supervisor is also a techie. I have someone I can bounce ideas around with or work through technical problems with. That may not be the case for many library tech people, so this blog is intended to communicate with others who are dealing with the same issues in the library world.

One of the projects I’m working on now is a complete redesign of our website. I’ll be blogging about that as I go through the process of figuring out who our customers are (everybody?) and what our products are (information? books?) and how best to market what we have to offer.

I’m also working on a database to better track our equipment, with plenty of bumps along the way as I learn MySQL and PHP. I’ll be discussing those from time to time, as well as network issues when they arise.

And trends. I like to talk about trends. I’ll restrict it to library trends here, but will likely put up another site to explore non-library trends in technology. I’m sure there will be some overlap.

Keep in mind that this is an invitation to open dialog. I would love to know what others are working on so please feel free to add comments or bring up any library-related tech ideas for discussion.